Several years ago, I re-wrote MEChA's manifesto, "El Plan de Aztlan" changing only the rhetoric and pejorative terms to reflect White racism. I showed it to many of my liberal friends who had never heard of MEChA who all thought the STUSADE piece to be egregiously racist. One friend of mine remarked that it looked like Hitler himself wrote it.

But when I showed them the true manifesto posted on the UC Riverside website where Professor Armondo Navarro teaches Chicano Studies, most said that these must be just some radical kooks and the manifesto, El Plan de Aztlan does not reflect the majority of Chicanos. When I showed them the same posting on a myriad of College and University MEChA websites, some became convinced that MEChA is in fact, a Racist/Separatist organization. For those who still were not convinced, I showed them this.

No explanations, disclaimers, denials, or spins can refute that MEChA is a Racist and/or Separatist organization. And if Cruz Bustamante can sit by without publicly and unconditionally condemning at least the divisiveness of this kind of racist rhetoric, then any reasonable person must conclude that he is in fact a racist.

To say that most MEChISTAS are not racists or separatists, is like saying that not all who belong to the Nazi party are anti-Semitic.

Hal Netkin